Landscape, Drone and Astro Photography


This was the first waterfall shot that I have taken in over 20 years, and I am pretty happy with this unedited, straight from the camera version.

I am still getting used to the Canon 7D and dont have many accessories for it at this stage, so I was lucky enough to be able to get a long enough exposure on this bright sunny day without any ND filter.

Again, still learning this camera, so it did take me a few shots to remember to cover the finder to prevent light spillage tricking the metering, but I’m glad that it dawned on me early. Aperture priority, f18 on ISO 100 with a shot of around 15 seconds at a focal length of 32mm.

I look forward to taking many more shots like this, but finding the ideal location is tough, real tough. This location is smack bang in the middle of the tourist area of the Blue Mountains and was really busy. I literally had to queue up to get to this spot to take the shot, and there were others waiting in line behind me.

To me that takes away the magic that should exist between a photographer and their subject, some unspoken relationship where the scene speaks to you in your solitude and leans you towards the perfect shot.

Well, that is the way that it works for me, but I cant hear the scene over the hubub of a crowd, and I cant stand having to wait for people to get out of the way and stop climbing all over my scene, not to mention the pressure of people waiting for you to finish.

Not good.

I have now found a good number of nice secluded spots that I will be posting some more shots from shortly.

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