Landscape, Drone and Astro Photography


Feel free to browse through my galleries, divided up by category. When browsing images click to enlarge, if there are any that you would like to purchase, please dont hesitate to get in contact.

Any image can be printed in a variety of formats, paper prints, metal prints, or framed in many different frame styles and colours. There are so many options that it is best to get in contact and we can work out what is going to be best for you.



These are images taken at night and either naturally or artificially illuminated depending on the scene and night in question. Sometimes I use moon light which gives a daylight type of illumination and colouring, while other times star light is the only light source.

Artificial lighting can also be used in what is called light painting to add atmosphere, highlight certain features or even create light streaks.

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Black and White

These images are either naturally black and white or have been processed to remove all colour. Black and white images produce a moody feel through the desaturated tones and use of contrast.

Any of my imagery can be reprocessed to be black and white, so if you find a colour image that you like but feel that it would work better for you as black and white, be sure to request a sample.

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Beautifully shot natural landscapes, some daytime, some at night, highlighting the diversity of colours in our local area.

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Waterfalls and Canyons

I am lucky enough to live in the one of the most diverse waterfall and canyon locations in the world and thoroughly enjoy getting out in the wilds of the middle of nowhere to capture these images.

Some areas are easier to get to than others, but it is an enjoyable process all the same.

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Aerial Images

Using Drones has changed the view of photographers forever, allowing for never before seen perspectives.

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Drone video

Aerial imagery and video offers a whole new perspective on familiar places.

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Over the years I have produced a number of timelapse sequences using my home build rigs, the very first one can be seen here.

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