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Pink Flannel Flowers in Mount Victoria

Pink Flannel Flowers in Mount Victoria

The very lovely display of pink flannel flowers that are bursting in the Blue Mountains at the moment are a beautiful side effect of the devastating bushfires and then flooding of just over 12 months ago. These one, specific, ultra rare, tiny little flannel flower in their soft pink colouring, only flower after bushfires and I hope that their appearance is a sign of increased bush regeneration to come.

Carpet of pink

But how can I see them?

These flowers are reasonably easy to get to, but be prepared for a 3km return walk.

That means your usual walking supplies:

  • Wide brimmed hat
  • at least 1L of drinking water
  • sturdy walking shoes
  • sun screen
  • rain coat

OK to find them you need to travel to Mount Victoria at the top of the Blue Mountains, and head out on Victoria Falls Rd. This is a dirt road but it is kept in pretty good order.


This is within a National Park, so please no dogs, and be ultra sure that you are able to take any rubbish with you, no littering please!

About half way along Victoria Falls Rd you are looking for the Ikara Head trail head. This is an unmarked gate on the left, however most maps show it.

It is difficult to see, but the Ikara Head trailhead is the faint gate to the left in this photo above, just find somewhere to park that is off the road and obviously sensitive to the environment.

Now you need to walk 50m maybe back in the direction that you came from, and look for the small pile of rocks (stone cairne) to your right as you are walking.

Have a look into the bush at this point and you should be able to see the trail no problems, and off you go!

I am sure that there will be plenty of people parked and on the trail, so it should be easy to find.

Keep walking on the trail for approx 1.5km until you find the beautiful carpet of pink flannel flowers. I would also encourage everyone to walk to the end of the trail to Ikara Head, you wont be disappointed.

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