Nightscape photography

long exposure images by Andrew Davis

Long exposure

Long exposure

Most of the images that I take are long exposures of 20 seconds or more. This creates a striking lighting and allows for numerous methods of light painting.

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All of the images as presented on this website are available for purchase as prints, either framed or ready for your own framing.
They can be printed on paper, acrylic or even metal for some striking results.

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Super wide images

By using a wide angle lens and multi image panorama techniques, I can create images that span up to 360 degrees around, immersing you in an image like no other.

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If you have any questions about my photography, my techniques, my equipment, or just any question at all really, I am more than happy to anything.
Simply fill out the form and I will do my best to get back you as soon as I can.

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